Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lookout. Sketchbook 2011

I always loved the Bantha's in Star a huge shambling wig with horns.


SpecialAgentButler said...

Hey Ben! I love this drawing. Would you be interested in doing a simple, B&W sketch "pin-up" of one of my characters for me? His name is Blueburt Battleback and you can see him here: When I finish the first story arc of my webcomic, I plan on doing a small print run and I want to include some pin-ups in the back. Keep up the great art man!

Ben Hodson said...

oh man that sounds like fun. sadly i'm just swamped with projects but i hope you find some folks to do some pin-up sketches. thanks for asking, though! If i wasn't so crazy busy i would have loved to be part of it. Good Luck!