Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some pics from the "Forest of Reading" awards ceremony at Harbourfront last week. Kari and I and the Sloth hanging around together. We were nominated for the Blue Spruce award and received an Honour distinction. Very amazing!!
Kari and I in the Gallery with one of my illustrations from Jeffrey and Sloth.
Kari, Sloth and I with some incredible artists!
I arrived a bit late to the activity centre and we were doodling up a storm.
One of my fave illustrators, Bill Slavin. A great guy and a mind blowing artist. It's always a treat to hang around him.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I loved drawing these guys. The ogres from the board game "Ogres and Elves".

These illustrations are from "Ogres and Elves". Another of the co-operative board games from Family Pastimes.

Years ago I worked with a board game company near Ottawa called Family Pastimes. ( I think they're the only "co-operative" board game company in North America. I illustrated a few of their games. The illustrations above are from "Hotel Ritz". I always liked these drawings.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

In the May issue of Mothering magazine there's a lovely little review of What I Be. (pg 87) They also used an image from the book to open the article. Very nice. AND...this issue contains a great interview with Ani Difranco. How awesome is that!?!

Some veeeeery scaaaary drawings from the past. The bottom one was created using scratchboard. I love the look but it's a messy process. Little black "scratchings" flying everywhere. I should really look into it. I'd like to play around with it more sometime in the future. It's cool.