Saturday, May 02, 2009

Okay folks, as promised... some sketchbook fantasy goodness!!!

More fantasy sketches. Wahoo!

Here are some of black and white images from the graphic novel that I just finished. The book will be in colour, but I didn't have any luck uploading the colour images, so the line art will have to do for now. The book will be coming out in the fall. I'll let you know when it gets closer to the launch date.

I had a great time participating in the Ottawa Writers Festival ( I talked to highschool students about graphic novels. Then we worked together to create a very simple 6 panel story. A good time was had by all.
As part of the Writers Festival is saw a talk by the incredible writer, Mike Carey ( He gave some insights into his books and writing process. Something he said that really stuck with me is that one big difference between a graphic novel and other forms of entertainment is the graphic novels' use of time. When reading it you can see the past, present and future all laid out in front of you. I'd never thought of that before. What a fascinating concept to look into.